Well, this is new…

Alright, so let’s get down to it. I’ve not blogged before, so this whole idea might crumble like a sand castle on stilts, but it’s worth a shot, eh?

I’m a writer, originally from Bristol, with a background in music and cookery and an interest in pretty much everything from nature and space to science and politics (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with too many opinions!)

I’ve been meaning to create a website for a while to start showcasing my work and to compact it all into one place. A place other than my mind, that is, and a friend pressured me into adding a blog to this site, in part to save his ears from my rants. And yes, a quiche is just a pie without a lid. It’s on the internet now, that makes it true.

With this site being primarily for my writing, it seems sensible to tell you something about that. I’ve been writing for a number of years, but over the last year I’ve been able to focus on it more and now have a small but growing roster of stories to unleash upon the world. My first is titled The Fomorian King and will be the first of an epic fantasy trilogy titled The Heritage Saga, a series set in a world of my own design — I will upload a version of my map in a future post.

I have a number of other projects on the go, some of which can be found on my Projects page, the remainder are still tucked firmly in my head, fermenting until they become ripe and bubbly… you’ll get used to me, I swear. For the meantime, I have uploaded one of my shorts entitled The Experiment which is a piece inspired by my love for space, science and the evolution of philosophies and cultures. It is very short, so it thankfully won’t take up any of your precious time.

Speaking of, I’ll ramble no more and let you be on your merry way. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates and, if you’d be so kind, follow me on social media (I can only apologise for what may appear on those feeds).

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Published by cbpowellwrites

I'm a writer of science-fiction, fantasy epics, and other speculative fiction works and have a little blog focused on writing and how to become a better writer. Hopefully it is helpful to others, and I'd love to hear more feedback and have more in-depth discussions on all thing creativity. Before turning to writing I worked for a number of years as a chef, following on from my time as a writing and performing guitarist in the South West of England. Perhaps I will upload some music from these days at some point...

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