An update to Heritage

This is only a quick post to announce that I have updated a page for my fantasy series, the Heritage Saga, with more information including a map (drawn by me, sorry), world depth and more explanations on each of the books. I’ll add a link in this post, but it can also be found through the Projects page, along with similar pages for other projects in the future.

I’d be appreciative of all feedback — good or bad — so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell me exactly what you think!

Anyway, here’s the link to the page itself – The Heritage Saga.

For more information about any projects or news I have, head over to the contact page and subscribe. Alternatively follow me on social media or get in touch via email.

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Published by cbpowellwrites

I'm a writer of science-fiction, fantasy epics, and other speculative fiction works and have a little blog focused on writing and how to become a better writer. Hopefully it is helpful to others, and I'd love to hear more feedback and have more in-depth discussions on all thing creativity. Before turning to writing I worked for a number of years as a chef, following on from my time as a writing and performing guitarist in the South West of England. Perhaps I will upload some music from these days at some point...

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