An update to Blank…

So this is going to be just a quick post to let everyone know that I have now uploaded a page dedicated to my novella, Blank. This is a project I’m extremely excited about, and one which is challenging me in a very different way to things I’ve worked on before. Hopefully what I give you on this page will intrigue you, and I hope to be able to release this novella soon!

A link to this can be found here.

As always any feedback on this post (short though it may be), my new page, or anything else on the site — whether that be my blog posts or projects, including my short, The Experiment — is always welcomed. If you want to get in touch, head on over to my contact page where you’ll find my email and social media links, and to stay up to date with my posts you can hit the follow button on this blog.

Thanks to all who have shown me support, and I’d like to extend the warmest welcome to anybody who is new to me and my work!

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Published by cbpowellwrites

I'm a writer of science-fiction, fantasy epics, and other speculative fiction works and have a little blog focused on writing and how to become a better writer. Hopefully it is helpful to others, and I'd love to hear more feedback and have more in-depth discussions on all thing creativity. Before turning to writing I worked for a number of years as a chef, following on from my time as a writing and performing guitarist in the South West of England. Perhaps I will upload some music from these days at some point...

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