And we’re off!

Yes! My first assignment for the Publishing Training Centre’s Essential Proofreading 1 course has been sent, just in time to relax in the sweltering heatwave with some iced coffee (or may just ice!).

So far in the course, and without going into specifics, I’ve covered the basics of working on a docx/Word file using Track Changes, learned about style guides, and revised my understanding of language and grammar. On top of that, I have created my own proofreading checklist to help me spot the weaknesses in my edits.

Now I have submitted my first assignment, I will be assigned a tutor and given feedback detailing my (presumably numerous) mistakes and areas of improvement. In the meantime, I can get to work on my second enrolled course Essential Grammar, and dive into my other projects.

Speaking of which…

I have, this week, begun planning out my first YouTube videos. I’ll likely post them on TikTok, Instagram, and all the other social media sites, but I feel YouTube is accessible to the widest audience, and therefore my primary focus. I likely won’t post anything for a few more weeks, not until I have a handful ready to go, but I will share the channel once made.

In each video, I will price up the meal per portion, and give some options (price included) for additions: differing tastes, dietary requirements, or even cheap ways to make something ‘gourmet’. My focus will be on teaching a kitchen mindset which makes the most of every ingredient and reduces waste.

(Pictured is a block of halva I made this week.)

On the music side of things, I’ll probably compose my own for the channel. In doing this I will cut the whole copyright corner and get to add my own flavour (not a pun) to the videos. That said, if you are a musician and would like to have your music on my channel, get in touch!

I don’t want to make this too long, so I’ll keep the other things short…

My current work-in-progress is coming along well. I’ve slowed my pace a little to account for my coursework, but I’m still managing around 10,000 – 15,000 words a week. I still aim to finish this draft by the end of August, but I won’t kick myself for not meeting the deadline. I have rediscovered an idea for a series which I’d drafted out around two years ago, so once this draft is finished, I will start my outline for this (likely dark) fantasy.

Oh, and before I get to the garden, I should mention that I recently entered Globe Soup’s 7-Day Short Story Competition. Once the winners are announced, I will post my story online (I’m not allowed to before then), so keep your eyes open for that! For a 7-turned-3-day challenge, I’m really happy with it. If you are craving a piece of short fiction, check out my story, The Experiment.

The garden is going crazy! One of my favourite months as a gardener is July, and this one has already been exceptional.

Courgettes are pushing their way out from behind the flowers, sunflowers are opening wide, and beans are racing towards the Sun, spiralling around canes and corn stalks alike!

I have been planting like mad, filling in gaps left by early crops with some late bloomers (beetroot, dwarf bean, spinach, kohlrabi), and now the garden is truly vibrant.

And that’s about it from me (phew!). I’ll make an effort to do another post in a fortnight, hopefully with some more news on the YouTube channel, assignment, and one or two things I might have forgotten to mention here…

In the meantime, if you would like to get involved in one of my projects – perhaps you have some recipes you think others should know about, or some music you’d like heard on a channel – don’t hesitate to get in touch via your preferred method. I’m always excited to hear and learn from those around me.

And we’re off!

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