And into August (slightly late)

Last week’s post kind of slipped my mind, but perhaps that’s for the best as this week has given me lots of exciting new to share.


Up first: food.

I have mentioned before that I intend to make a YouTube channel with a focus on cheap recipes to make at home to help people in some small way with the cost of living crisis. I have now created the channel (link here), having settled on the name CHEFCON-1 (and no, not because I am the first chef called Conor).

I have just uploaded a channel trailer (link here), and I intend to get the channel off to a flying start next week with one of the world’s favourite foods (not fact-checked), PIZZA! At 38p per portion, it’s a great recipe and really easy to make. A new page will be made on this website to store all the recipes, too.

If you like the idea of this and think you or someone you know will benefit from cheaper, chef-approved foods, please do subscribe and share the channel – it really helps!


Next up: a proof-reader training update. In my last post I mentioned my first assignment had been submitted and I was awaiting the results from my tutor. Well, now they have come in and I am very happy to say my first assignment was graded at a merit level (0.5% below distinction!).

I’m delighted with the results. My tutor has given me lots of very useful feedback, which I have taken on-board and applied to the second module. My second assignment has now been submitted and I’m feeling very confident about this one!

I have four more assignments left before I get my final grade, and I hope to complete them all by the end of the year – Halloween if I push.


The garden is going CRAZY now. The smell of tomato vines fills the air, and courgettes, beans, spinach, beetroots, and a whole host of other delicious crops are presenting themselves every day. The heat is, however, taking its toll on many of these crops and keeping them hydrated is a daily challenge.

And that’s it from me! If you enjoyed reading this sum-up of the last few weeks, consider joining my mailing list of hitting the subscribe button below, and if you have any ideas for recipes I could showcase, or even challenges for me to make your favourite recipe on a budget, get in touch!

And we’re off!

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I'm a writer of science-fiction, fantasy epics, and other speculative fiction works and have a little blog focused on writing and how to become a better writer. Hopefully it is helpful to others, and I'd love to hear more feedback and have more in-depth discussions on all thing creativity. Before turning to writing I worked for a number of years as a chef, following on from my time as a writing and performing guitarist in the South West of England. Perhaps I will upload some music from these days at some point...

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