Harry Potter and why it’s not exactly a seven-part series

Alright, so let’s address this real quick: Harry Potter does have seven books and no, I do not count Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts or anything on Pottermore. You probably have questions about that, but I’ll address them in another post. After all, you didn’t click this to hear about the Lunch lady on the HogwartsContinue reading “Harry Potter and why it’s not exactly a seven-part series”

Giving Back: Finding the ‘We’ in Networking

I love this article, and it rings true across all walks of life! Well-Tempered Proof Hi Everyone! Today, I’d like you to picture two scenarios: #1. Ten people stare at their screens and wonder why no one ever tries to help them. Their businesses are stagnating, and they get more bitter and restless every day.Continue reading “Giving Back: Finding the ‘We’ in Networking”

Editing: How I edit my own work in 5 stages

Okay, first off let me tell you that this is only how I do it and how I find it easiest to work on my projects, you might find a totally different method works better for you and that’s fine. The only rules in your book are the ones you make, and the same isContinue reading “Editing: How I edit my own work in 5 stages”

An update to Heritage

This is only a quick post to announce that I have updated a page for my fantasy series, the Heritage Saga, with more information including a map (drawn by me, sorry), world depth and more explanations on each of the books. I’ll add a link in this post, but it can also be found throughContinue reading “An update to Heritage”