Shelve it for later

I haven’t posted much recently, but I wanted to write this because I think there’s an aspect to all creativity that’s rarely talked about, and that’s giving yourself room to grow—making mistakes! Recently I’ve seen a lot of people I know take up new hobbies, with most of my friends choosing writing. That excites me.Continue reading “Shelve it for later”

Harry Potter and why it’s not exactly a seven-part series

Alright, so let’s address this real quick: Harry Potter does have seven books and no, I do not count Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts or anything on Pottermore. You probably have questions about that, but I’ll address them in another post. After all, you didn’t click this to hear about the Lunch lady on the HogwartsContinue reading “Harry Potter and why it’s not exactly a seven-part series”