Proofreading for Businesses

Proofreading for Businesses

If you’re looking for professional, error-free messaging for your business – from leaflets and flyers to memos and full documents – then look no further.

How does it work?

First, tell me what work you need and how you’d like it done. The key information I’ll need to know is:

  • Approximate word count
  • What work you need done (spelling, grammar, layout, formatting etc.)
  • Format and audience (leaflet for the general public; memo for colleagues)
  • Deadline*
  • Any company style guides (if there are none, I’ll create one to help provide consistency across your company’s messaging)
  • How you’d like the markup done – I’m happy working on digital proof (MS Word’s Track Changes/Adobe’s PDF Markup) and paper proof** using the BSI Symbols, either scanned and returned via email, or copied and returned via post (additional cost of printing and postage included in invoice).

I am able to work in both UK and US English.

*Please be aware that a premium may be added for projects with an especially tight deadline. You will be notified of this before any work commences.

**Paper proofs will be printed double sided on recycled paper with non-toxic ink unless otherwise specified. Paper proofs can be returned by email (scanned) or via post. Printing and postage costs will be included on the invoice.

How much does it cost?

My proofreading speed will vary based on the level of amendment required but my average speed is usually 1,500–4,000 words per hour

On booking, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required.

Proofreading Qualifications

Essential Grammar (The Publishing Training Centre), January 2023: Self-assessed.

Essential Proofreading (The Publishing Training Centre), March 2023: Pass.

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