Below is a list of the projects I am working on or have finished working on, including a currently short catalogue of shorts published to this site.


The Experiment

The Heritage Saga

Part 1: The Fomorian King

After his family is killed before his eyes, Mal, an impoverished leathrasa, undertakes a new journey; a quest for survival. But when the elf twins Eve and Proxima save his life, he, alongside his orc friend Radala, embarks on a perilous adventure upon which the survival of his world rests.

Part 2: The Balorian Prophet

After discovering his true heritage to be the feared uada, Millean flees his childhood home to protect his family. But when his partner, Isolda, releases a prisoner in the hopes of finding him, nothing — neither man, nor beast, nor God — can stand in her way as her quest brings her into the world-wide conflict.

Part 3: Legacy of the Fianna

A new world has been opened and unfathomable powers unleashed upon Vaalbara. The time for peace between nations has come as people of every creed make their stand against the incoming terrors…

For more information about this project including a map and more in-depth descriptions of the world, click here!



What if everyone in the world knew how they were going to die… everyone, that is, apart from you?

For Samael, that is his reality.

For more information on this screenplay, check out this page!

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