And into August (slightly late)

Last week’s post kind of slipped my mind, but perhaps that’s for the best as this week has given me lots of exciting new to share. Food Up first: food. I have mentioned before that I intend to make a YouTube channel with a focus on cheap recipes to make at home to help peopleContinue reading “And into August (slightly late)”

And we’re off!

Yes! My first assignment for the Publishing Training Centre‚Äôs Essential Proofreading 1 course has been sent, just in time to relax in the sweltering heatwave with some iced coffee (or may just ice!). So far in the course, and without going into specifics, I’ve covered the basics of working on a docx/Word file using TrackContinue reading “And we’re off!”

Background Characters: Sharing the Love

How to make the most of even the most minor character.